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Malibu Masonry utilizes the finest grade A aluminum forms to pour concrete foundations and walls for structures of all sizes resulting in jobs done to customers’ satisfaction time and time again. Malibu Masonry produces all sorts of flatwork, including slabs, curbs patios, sidewalks etc. The perfection of every Malibu Masonry concrete job –large or small- is second to none.


Malibu Masonry is fully equipped to handle your every bricks and block need. From concept through design, every aspect of your brick and block laying and pointing is handled with expertise and professionalism. Some of the Malibu Masonry’s many areas of expertise are brick restoration, pavers, block foundations, porches, columns and pillars. Malibu Masonry handles everything from residential basements, home additions and retaining walls to commercial high-rise buildings and complexes, and everything in between.


Malibu Masonry has mastered the art of expert stone and cultured stone laying. Malibu Masonry works with all types of high quality stone products, including cultured stone, flagstone, and brick veneer to produce beautifully planned and laid designs. Malibu Masonry stone masons can turn your porch, patio, paver, retaining wall or siding into a truly perfect work of art.


For jobs that require expert stucco production and application, Malibu Masonry is your trusted provider. Malibu masonry has specialized service crews who are expressly trained and certified in the art of stucco. Malibu masonry’s crews are equally expert in utilizing standard cement stucco or specialized, warrantied EIFS systems. Whatever product is right for your particular job, Malibu Masonry is the company to do it right!